Bible in One Year

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    April 19 Day 109

    The Importance of the City

    I live in London. With a population of 8.3 million, it is the largest city in Europe and the twenty-first largest in the world. It receives fifteen million visitors a year. It is a city where over 300 languages are spoken.

    April 18 Day 108

    Midlife Crisis

    I like to think of myself as young. Recently, I heard that middle age runs from thirty-five to fifty-eight years of age. On that basis, soon not only will I not be young, I will not even be middle-aged! 

    April 17 Day 107

    The God-Centred Life

    William Temple, like his father before him, was Archbishop of Canterbury (1942–1944). Among his many remarkable achievements, he wrote a superb commentary on the Gospel of John. He wrote the entire commentary, entitled Readings in St John’s Gospel, whilst praying on his knees before God.

    April 16 Day 106

    The Presence of God

    If you love somebody, what you long for more than anything else is that person’s presence with you. Photos are a comfort. Telephone calls, emails and texts are nice. Letters are good. Skype and FaceTime are great ways to communicate. Yet nothing can compare to actually spending time with them in person.

    April 15 Day 105


    One of the first things I do each morning is glance at my diary for the day. In the preceding weeks and months I will have jotted down the various things I must remember to do that day. I find that unless I write them down I don’t remember.

    April 14 Day 104

    How to Avoid the Titanic Mistake

    James Cameron, producer of the movie Titanic, says, ‘The Titanic is a metaphor of life. We are all on the Titanic.’

    April 13 Day 103

    What is God Like?

    A six year old girl was drawing a picture one day. Her teacher said: ‘What are you drawing?’ The little girl said, ‘I am drawing a picture of God.’ The teacher was surprised and said, ‘But nobody knows what God looks like!’ The little girl carried on drawing and said, ‘They will in a minute.’

    April 12 Day 102

    I love the King and the King loves me

    One day, I received a message that the Queen had invited me to lunch. At first I thought it was a practical joke. But it wasn’t. I turned up at Buckingham Palace on 11 March 2009 on my bicycle – which an amused policeman looked after for me. I sat next to the Queen as we ate some amazing food. Then she turned and began to talk to me as the ‘Parfait de Rhubarbe et Chocolat Blanc’ arrived.

    April 11 Day 101

    What Matters to God

    My mother and father were great parents. They had strong values. My sister and I were left in no doubt about what mattered to them.

    April 10 Day 100

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    Lawrence of Arabia is one of the most successful films of all time. Much of the film is drawn from T.E. Lawrence’s own account of his time in Arabia. He was a British archaeological scholar, military strategist (colonel by the age of thirty) and author, best known for his legendary war activities in the Middle East during World War I. In his memoirs, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926), Lawrence explores the theme of wisdom. The dedicatory poem at the beginning of his book refers to ‘the seven-pillared worthy house.’