The Marriage Preparation Course – Our Story

    Written by Conf Week on Wednesday, 30 March 2011: 4.04pm

    In the midst of the chaos of planning a wedding, Dan and Kate tell us how they found an oasis of calm romantic evenings to think past the wedding day and plan for their future together.

    The Marriage Preparation Course was a precious time each week when we could forget about the wedding and focus on us and our friendship and future together,” said media manager Dan Millest

    Dan carefully planned a surprise proposal to actress Kate on a fairy-lit Clare College Bridge in Cambridge (the same place his grandparents were engaged many years before) complete with a chocolate and champagne-filled hamper bearing Kate’s name and bursting with presents and letters.

    Dan, who according to Kate is “gorgeous with dark hair and has the most incredible eyes” had done everything properly. “He had asked my father’s permission months before,” she said. “But, in spite of a romantic jazzed-up meal, where Dan have even serenaded me on the restaurant’s piano, it wasn’t until I opened one of the presents in the hamper, a copy of Nicky and Sila Lee’s The Marriage Book, that it finally dawned on me he was proposing!”

    The couple went on to take part in the five-week Marriage Preparation Course (based on material from The Marriage Book) in the lead up to their big day.

    “While many couples spend hours preparing for their wedding and comparatively little time thinking beyond it we found The Marriage Preparation Course an amazing, romantic and fun way to create space for us as a couple to do just that.” said Dan.

    Kate added, “the course gave us tools for us to keep our marriage strong. It laid firm foundations for our love to last far beyond our Sardinian honeymoon’. Two years on, they still make sure they have a ‘date night’ every week (as suggested on the course).

    They found the session on communication particularly helpful, and frequently use what they learned to help them work through disagreements and listen to each other more effectively. “We always make up before bed. We affirm one other with compliments a lot. We make an effort to look nice for each other and we try to remain open to what the other is thinking, even if we don’t initially agree.”

    Alongside the romance of their engagement, Dan and Kate were determined to go into marriage with their eyes open, they are now reaping the rewards if their investment.

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