Bible in One Year app now available

    Thursday, 5 April 2012: 2.36pm

    The Bible in One Year daily email by Nicky Gumbel now has over 11,000 subscribers. Over 40% of subscribers read the email on their iPhone or iPad. That's why we set out to make reading the Bible in One Year easier on your mobile device.

    Now we are introducing the free Bible in One Year app for both iPhone and iPad* - it's packed full of amazing features which make reading the Bible in One Year on your iPhone or iPad so much more accessible than receiving an email each day.

    Some of the key features include:

    • Universal app for iPhone and iPad*
    • Changable text size to suit your reading style
    • Offline viewing for when you are on the underground or on an iPad without Wi-Fi around
    • Read the Bible passages within the app
    • On the iPad you can read the commentary and Bible verses side-by-side

    The Bible in One Year app is available internationally on the App Store.

    Download the app today for free

    *Requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 5+


    Marjo Hartman's picture

    Will there be an Android version of this app?

    Regards, Marjo Hartman

    a_tse's picture

    Just as Jesus came for the Jews and for the Gentiles, I look forward to the day when the bible in One Year app is available for Apple and for Samsung.

    Jesus would like to see an Android version.  

    finchpj's picture

    An Android version would be most welcome. If 40% receive BIOY on an iPhone or iPad, it suggests 60% receive it on Android :-) 

    chrisd's picture

    Only found out about BIOY today by recommendation.  Really disappointed i can't get it on my samsung.

    Would like to be blessed daily by access to it.