Church Times reviews theology books

    Friday, 25 November 2011: 5.33pm

    Two theology books published by Alpha International were given excellent reviews by The Church Times last week.

    The Prodigal Spirit by Dr Graham Tomlin and Holy Spirit in the World Today by lecturer Dr Jane Williams both received positive reviews.

    The Prodigal Spirit was called ‘a valuable resource for church leaders and educators’ by the reviewer.

    Holy Spirit in the World Today is based on talks delivered at a conference of that title at HTB by top theologians Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Jurgen Moltmann and Miroslav Volf.

    Reviewer Dr John Binns said ‘The speakers address demanding theological subjects in a style that is rooted in the life of the Church, and in a language that is clear and accessible.’

    Both books are available online or from various bookshops.