Ele Mumford inspires Conference with the last words of Jesus

    Tuesday, 14 May 2013: 5.39pm

    Eleanor Mumford, who with her husband John is the National Director of Vineyard Churches, spoke this morning at the HTB Leadership Conference.

    ‘This is glorious – ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters in Christ, Aslan is on the move!’ she began, and shared her own story of being filled with the Holy Spirit and healed of meningitis.

    Her talk was on ‘God’s empowering presence’ and she quoted the last recorded words of Jesus from Acts 1:8: ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.’ She said, ‘The church of God needs the power of God to fulfil the mandate of God on the earth today. The Holy Spirit galvanises the church and catapults people into the streets.’

    Mumford shared many stories of people who had taken a risk to pray and see God heal the sick.

    She said: ‘The Word without the Spirit you dry up, the Spirit without the Word – you blow up – but the Word and the Spirit together – you grow up’

    She ended by saying: ‘The Spirit of God is on the move and He wants to send his church out in power – it’s a glorious mandate. It is a glorious thing to do – gossip the gospel over the garden fence – He just asks us to have a go.

    ‘His presence is power and we have authority to go.’

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