Feedback from the Nations

    Wednesday, 8 June 2011: 3.38pm

    Representatives of more than 35 countries spoke today (Wednesday) about the impact of Alpha on their nations. They were speaking during a feedback session at Alpha International Week.

    Costa Rica said eight thousand people had now done the course in their country. Columbia talked of running Alpha for deaf people, as well as Alpha in the National Parliament. Argentina gave a message from a prisoner who was now leading the Alpha course in his prison. He said: ‘Please tell the friends thank you for bringing the Holy Spirit back to Argentina and this prison.’

    Sixty eighty delegates came from Spain to report the growth of Alpha in the country, and one course is now being led by a bishop.

    Nicky asked Shaila Visser from Alpha Canada about her recent healing. She had been diagnosed with fungal meningitis earlier this year. One in four people die after contracting it, and she had a fungal growth in her head.  However after only five and a half weeks of treatment she was given an MRI and the growth in her head had completely disappeared.

    India was the final country to speak Nicky asked Alpha India Board Member J Varada Raj how he came to Christ. Raj gave a challenge to everyone present that there is a long way to go to evangelize the nations, but together we can do it.

    Also speaking was Archbishop Octavio Ruiz, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, who spoke of his hopes for the growth of Alpha in the Catholic Church.

    At the end of the feedback session some of the Bishops and Archbishops attending the week took to the stage with Nicky Gumbel.