Former drug dealer and armed robber interviewed

    Sunday, 25 September 2011: 5.57pm

    A former armed robber was interviewed by Nicky Gumbel at today’s guest services at all three HTB sites.

    Darrell Tunningley, 33, of Runcorn, Cheshire, spoke of his life as a drug dealer, enforcer and violent man which led to him serving a five and a half year prison sentence for armed robbery.

    ‘All I had was anger and hate,’ he said.

    It was while in prison that he was invited to an Alpha course. He nearly hit the person who invited him but accepted because of the coffee and biscuits on offer.

    It was some weeks into the course that he read a booklet about the Christian faith and said a prayer inviting Jesus Christ into his life.

    The following day he woke up and reached for his normal cigarette and drugs – but found he felt sick at thought of them. He threw them all out of the cell window.

    Afterwards, he helped at Alpha courses in the prison before his release in 2000.

    Now he is a minister at Hope Corner Community Church, Runcorn, Cheshire. Click here for more information.

    Several thousand people attended the HTB guest services, at which the guest speaker was artist Charlie Mackesy. To see his talk click here.

    To see a video of Darrell being interviewed by Nicky click here.