Julian Lloyd Webber concert at Onslow Square

    Friday, 15 July 2011: 10.49pm

    World renowned cellist Julian Lloyd Webber played a concert at HTB Onslow Square tonight (Friday).

    He was welcomed by Vicar Nicky Gumbel both as a friend of the church and also as President of the local Onslow Neighbourhood Association.

    More than 300 people attended the concert of music by composers John Ireland (1879-1962) and Frederick Delius (1862-1934).

    Mr Lloyd Webber introduced the programme by saying he was considering making a recording of the works, which included Sea Fever, The Three Ravens and The Lent Lily by Ireland and Over the Mountain High, Slumber Song and Love's Philosophy by Delius.

    Mr Lloyd Webber, who is a Fellow of the Royal College of Music, was accompanied on the piano by Fi Costa.