'Most dangerous man' speaks at HTB services

    Sunday, 8 May 2011: 2.40pm

    A man who was one of the UK's most dangerous men spoke of how his life had been transformed by God at HTB's Sunday services today.

    Shane Taylor, who attacked two prison officers while serving a sentence for attempted murder, spoke of how he was held in a solitary cell and fed through a locked hatch in the door. Four to six armed officers wearing riot gear had to be present if the cell door was ever opened.

    He described how his life was filled with anger and he had no respect for authority. "I didn't care if I stayed in prison for ever," he said.

    Considered the sixth most dangerous man in the prison system, he went on an Alpha course in prison five years ago during which he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

    His life was totally changed from then on. "The prison officers, who had been my enemies, suddenly became my friends. I suddenly started to love people."

    He was released from prison a year later and has not re-offended. He has since married and has two young children.

    "I go everywhere preaching now," he said. "I just want to tell everyone what God has done for me."

    He is being interviewed by Vicar Nicky Gumbel at all Sunday services today across the three sites.

    Shane's story is published in the book Lifechange which can be purchased from the HTB bookshop at Brompton Road or Onslow Square OR via Alphashop on https://shop.alpha.org/book/lifechange-fifteen-men-tell-their-extraordinary-stories-mark-elsdon-dew

    Also interviewed this morning were two people whose lives were changed attending the recent Alpha courses at HTB, Rob Heatley and Laura Oakes.

    Artist Charlie Mackesy spoke at all the services, which were guest services.


    selugg's picture

    Shane's is a truly amazing, God-filled, Jesus-blessed story. I wonder if there are stories out there about Christians who have been walking the walk for a long while (10-15 years + ) who have continued to be challenged in their walk with the Lord, to go deeper, etc. It would be an encouragement to a long-standing Christian like myself (20 years) to hear such testimonies also

    mkmacphee's picture

    Listening from PEI, Canada and I'm very blessed! Praying and thanking God for you Shane!