Talks and news from Focus 2011

    Wednesday, 3 August 2011: 11.07am

    More than 3,700 people attended Focus 2011, the week-long annual teaching holiday at the end of July for members of HTB, church plants and friends.

    Guest speakers included the Bishop of London, Heidi Baker, Judah Smith, Nick Vujicic, Mike Pilavachi, and Mark Bailey.

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    All Big Top talks from Focus 2011 are available on video and audio. All seminar talks are available on audio. Please click below to find the talk you are looking for...

    VIDEO: Highlights from Focus

    VIDEO/AUDIO: Main Talks
    All the talks from the morning and evening celebrations in the Big Top.

    Seminar series on Audio: Introduction to the Bible
    This is an introductory track for new or recent Christians who want a basic overview of the Bible.

    Seminar series on Audio: Books of the Bible
    This track offers an advanced look at some of the books of the Bible for those who have been Christians for some time.

    Seminar series on Audio: Life Track
    God is interested in every area of our world and aspect of our lives. The Life Track stream explores contemporary issues in order to quip you to think and live for Christ.

    Seminar series on Audio: Let your Kingdom come
    Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God has come near to us and we long to see this Kingdom tangible in our lives and relationships every day. This stream looks at the different aspects of our lives that we want to see in God’s Kingdom.

    Seminar series on Audio: Awakening to spirituality
    This stream considers how we might awaken ourselves to a spirituality that is at the heart of Christian life and the difference that this makes for us and the world.

    Seminar series on Audio: Apologetics
    This track unpacks how to talk to unbelievers about Christ in our day-to-day lives, talking through big questions, issues and objections that people have to the Christian faith.

    Seminar series on Audio: Tackling the unspoken issues
    This series focuses on some of the areas of our lives that generally do not get much airing.

    Seminar series on Audio: Awakening mission
    A chance to hear from people who work around the world combating poverty, injustice, and disaster.

    Seminar series on Audio: Relationship Central
    In this seminar and workshop stream, Nicky and Sila Lee draw on the experiences and insights of other parents to give practical advice for the task of parenting.

    Seminar series on Audio: Global Alpha Training
    A great way to learn more about all the work GAT does and the difference it makes.

    Anti-trafficking interviews
    Interviews from the big top with those involved with anti-trafficking.

    Various one-off talks on Audio
    Stand alone talks from Focus.

    Big Top interviews on Video
    Stories of people who have recently come to faith.