News from the Nations Part Two

    Thursday, 9 June 2011: 12.41pm

    Thirty six nations gave their feedback today (Thursday) for Alpha’s International week at Holy Trinity Brompton.

    Many of the countries reported that much of their success was due to Global Alpha Training (GAT) teams coming.  The Netherlands spoke of the GATs and told the delegates: ‘Go on a GAT!’

    John from the Philippines said that Alpha had mirrored the growth in his family. When he was at HTB for a previous conference he had two children, now he has four. Likewise Alpha has grown from being in 42 to 84 parishes.

    Venezuela said they heard about the Alpha course at the Lausanne Conference last year in Cape Town.  The spokesperson said he was humbled by the hospitality shown by HTB, surprised by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and blessed by the unity he had seen.

    He said “Alpha has shown me we can work together to evangelize and share the message of Christ.’

    Brazil talked of the growth of Alpha, but asked for people to send GAT teams to help them. Nicky asked if anyone would be willing to take up the challenge, and encouraged people to arrange GATs  this week.

    Finland had used an innovative way to get men to do Alpha, by incorporating saunas and sausages. Sweden spoke of a faceless revival that had been prophesied over the country. The spokesperson said he felt that Alpha would play an important part in this revival.

    Much of the growth of Alpha in Tanzania has been down to GATs. The spokesperson said that in 2009 they had a GAT come from Vancouver, from that Alpha was started amongst the ex-pats. Later a GAT came from HTB which helped begin a work amongst the Swahili speaking churches. They are now praying for a Catholic GAT to help start Alpha in the Catholic church in Tanzania.

    Zimbabwe was the last country to share and then all the delegates made their way outside for a group photo.