Pianist Derek Paravicini plays at afternoon tea concert

    Thursday, 12 May 2011: 6.16pm

    Pianist Derek Paravicini played to more than 500 people at HTB's  'Concert and Afternoon Tea’ this afternoon.

    Mr Paravicini, who is blind and suffers from Savant syndrome has an astonishing musical gift which enables him to play many thousands of pieces from memory.

    His first major concert was at the Barbican in 1989 when he was nine years old. Since then he has played in countless venues in London, Europe and the US.

    Derek was accompanied by Dr Adam Ockelford, his childhood piano teacher, life long friend and mentor.

    He played several pieces including a cover of ‘You Look Wonderful Tonight,’ by Eric Clapton and Chopin’s ‘The Minute Waltz,’ as well as asking the audience for requests before finishing on classical folk song ‘Show Me The Way To Go Home.’

    There was a spread of homemade cakes, tea and sandwiches served by 30 volunteers.

    Guests attending the event, which was opened by HTB Vicar Nicky Gumbel, included former HTB Vicar John Collins. There was also a group of Chelsea Pensioners.

    Mr Paravicini said, 'I’ve been really looking forward to performing. I love playing in front of an audience as I love the clapping.’