Silver confetti shower on last night

    Friday, 29 July 2011: 11.18pm

    A massive shower of silver confetti rained down on Focus guests attending the event's final night in the Big Top last night (Thursday) after an extraordinary night of praise and worship, interview, teaching and laughter.

    Tim Hughes and the Focus band led an exuberant time of worship before Nicky Gumbel conducted an interview with Paul, a non-churchgoing businessman who had arrived at Focus on Tuesday to conduct a business meeting with someone attending the week.

    Paul "felt drawn" to enter the Big Top where he was touched by the Holy Spirit and gave his life to Christ. He was baptised in the sea on Thursday afternoon.

    There were cheers as he told his amazing story in the Big Top.

    Pete Greig then spoke and mentioned a wide variety of instances where God had touched people's lives during the week. He interviewed one of the students who spoke of how he had "come back to God" at Focus four days previously.

    After another time of worship, which included a time of silent prayer and adoration, the silver rain of confetti was propelled into the air from the front of the stage, falling on the thousands who attended.

    Saying goodbye, Nicky Gumbel said, 'This has been a wonderful week with many memories. But it's all about Jesus. It's all about Jesus.'