Thanksgiving celebrated at HTB

    Friday, 25 November 2011: 12.41pm

    HTB held its first expat social last night at Church House, HTB Brompton Road.

    Almost 100 people from over 20 countries came to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

    After a short time to mingle HTB congregation member Cindy Rodriguez welcomed everyone before HTB Curate Chris Lee said grace and invited guests to share things with each other that they were thankful for.

    Guests were encouraged to bring food along potluck style. There were Thanksgiving classics including turkey, sweet potatoes and marshmallows and cornbread muffins as well as mash potatoes and various vegetables. Desert was a variety mix of apple pie, cherry pie and traditional pumpkin pie.

    HTB has many international congregation members and it is hoped that this event and others like it will be able to make them feel more at home in London and with the Church.